Friday, May 13, 2011

Sorry, I was hibernating...

Of course Blogger would be down the first time in six months I wanted to post!

I was trying to think of a way to summarize my fall and winter, but it would look like this: work,eat,sleep, workeatsleep, work,eat,sleep with the occasional holiday sprinkled in. Pretty boring, I know, but consider yourself updated. Actually, I did try snowboarding for the first time ever and I thought that was pretty fun. It also made me feel like I had been attacked by ninjas in my sleep the following day. Maybe it's the Southern girl in me but I usually do not enjoy frigid temperatures.

But then spring comes with its sunshine and cool breezes and I come out of hibernation like a big hungry bear. Exciting things within the past couple of weeks: my lil sis got engaged, I crashed my scooter, and we celebrated our one year anniversary.

My scooter crash was not that bad at all, it was actually a little closer to a spill in the parking garage. I was trying to turn and must have skidded on the yellow hatches they put on the end of a line of parking spots. My poor Vespa and I slid across the ground. We are both healing and will be up and at 'em shortly.

My worst injury

Vespa's worst injury

I hope all of you are enjoying the un-hibernation as well. I'll have more on the first year anniversary celebrations to come...

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