Sunday, May 15, 2011

Have you ever had a perfect day?

This is a post about one of those perfect days. My hubby planned a weekend away for us. The only thing I knew beforehand was that it was a few hours within the Baltimore area. That leaves a lot of options available. Last year, we had a great time in Chincoteague for my birthday weekend.

It turns out we were headed to St. Micheals, MD. The town started as a shipping village and now thrives on tourism. This is the also quaint little town where Wedding Crashers with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson was filmed.

We stayed at a very cute Victorian bed and breakfast, right on the main street. Not the Wedding Crashers inn, that one was a tad out of our price range. We were able to walk to all the restaurants and boutique shops. One of the restaurants, Ava's pizzeria was the winner of the weekend because I found a Louisiana beer on tap at their bar.

Abita Amber on tap

My hubby had brought the scooter (this was pre-accident) so we spent the rest of the time shopping, eating, and scooting around the area. The weather was gorgeous all weekend. We visited the Maritime Museum:

Maritime Museum

We also rode the ferry to another small town called Oxford. We were the only scooter on the ferry, when a dozen motorcycles joined us. Turns out they were "Women on Wheels." I missed a pic of them, but here's the beach just off the road where we wait for the ferry.

And no celebratory weekend is complete without a couple of pina coladas.

It was a perfect, relaxing, lovely weekend.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Sorry, I was hibernating...

Of course Blogger would be down the first time in six months I wanted to post!

I was trying to think of a way to summarize my fall and winter, but it would look like this: work,eat,sleep, workeatsleep, work,eat,sleep with the occasional holiday sprinkled in. Pretty boring, I know, but consider yourself updated. Actually, I did try snowboarding for the first time ever and I thought that was pretty fun. It also made me feel like I had been attacked by ninjas in my sleep the following day. Maybe it's the Southern girl in me but I usually do not enjoy frigid temperatures.

But then spring comes with its sunshine and cool breezes and I come out of hibernation like a big hungry bear. Exciting things within the past couple of weeks: my lil sis got engaged, I crashed my scooter, and we celebrated our one year anniversary.

My scooter crash was not that bad at all, it was actually a little closer to a spill in the parking garage. I was trying to turn and must have skidded on the yellow hatches they put on the end of a line of parking spots. My poor Vespa and I slid across the ground. We are both healing and will be up and at 'em shortly.

My worst injury

Vespa's worst injury

I hope all of you are enjoying the un-hibernation as well. I'll have more on the first year anniversary celebrations to come...