Friday, August 13, 2010

Weekend getaway to Chincoteague

As promised, I wanted to get to tell you all about our weekend getaway. We went to Chincoteague Island, a small town on the Delmarva peninsula that is both a wildlife refuge and national seashore. Chincoteague is definitely quieter than the better known Ocean City and Delaware beaches in the area, but I guess I'm at the point where I prefer that type of experience. However, If you wanted a beach party experience Ocean City may be more your thing.

Ocean City can be so crowded!

The most popular time to go is during pony penning, where they round up and auction off some of the wild horses as a form of population control, as well as to raise money for the Chincoteague volunteer fire department. We went after this happened, but the fire department was still holding its annual carnival. I had a clam fritter sandwich and hubby had a softshell crab sandwich. I loved my sandwich, but I don't know about that crab sandwich. Besides being allergic, I wouldn't want to eat a sandwich that has legs sticking out. Isn't that a little weird?

I tried to crawl away, but this bread is so soft!

We stayed in a bed and breakfast right off of Main St. called the Channel Bass Inn. Neither of us has ever stayed in a bed and breakfast before. We loved the experience. I guess beforehand I imagined staying in a B&B like staying in some stranger's guest room. This felt more like a little boutique hotel with a little English garden off to the side. The rooms seemed private, we rarely heard and never saw someone in the hall. It was very quiet also. The best part by far was the breakfast. Let me tell you, the breakfast was an event! It took at least an hour to eat, but didn't feel that long. Barb, the co-owner made several different fresh breads (zucchini, cranberry, nut, ginger) and we usually had some type of fruit course and a main hot course.

To add icing to the cake, Barb happens to be British and serves a four course Saturday afternoon high tea. This was also quite an experience, complete with tomato & cheese and ham & cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off, warm fresh scones (the candied ginger were my favorite!) and a pecan tart. I had to turn down the fresh-baked cookie that she ended with, I was in a food coma by that time.

High tea (picture from Channel Bass Inn)

We also rented scooters to get around. I am hooked and now want one for everyday use. How can you possibly be in a bad mood while zipping around on one of those things?

I'm a nerd.

We visited the Chincoteague national wildlife refuge and saw some of the wild ponies grazing feet from the road in the wetlands. I'm sorry I didn't get to take a picture of that, our camera was packed at the bottom of our beach bag and jammed away in the little scooter trunk. We scooted all the way to the beach in Tom's Cove where we frolicked in the waves and sand. After some beach time, we visited the Assateague lighthouse and climbed up the steps all the way to the top.


178 Steps. Made me a little dizzy and a lot out of breath!
View from the top back inland.

All in all, I recommend visiting if you are looking for a quieter, less crowded beach day. It's only a three hour drive from the Baltimore area. I wouldn't mind getting a beach house there so that I could go every weekend.

Cheesin' it up with some fake gang signs.

Where's your weekend getaway?

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