All about me

Jim Benton's Happy Bunny rocks.

Who am I?
No, my name isn't really Bam Balam.  But that's one of the many nicknames my husband has for me, and it's my favorite.  It's also my Mii's name.  He also calls me Bam for short, "stretch", "cricket", and the old standby "baby." I call him ridiculous things like snuggle-potomas and flufernuttermuffin. Sometimes shorter ones like "mater"* and of course when I'm lazy, "baby."  For privacy's sake, on this blog there will be no real names or addresses.

Where do I come from?
I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana (Nola).  As someone** so eloquently said "I've you've been to New Orleans and didn't like it, then I probably don't like you."  If you haven't been, Go. Now. And send me some Abita or Zapps or Blue Runner Beans.  Thanks.

Where are you now?
Baltimore.  I dig it.  It's got seasons.  You can take day trips to beaches and mountains.  I have a garden now.

Do I have a job?
Yes.  My day job is intense and requires a lot of hours and dedication, but that is one thing I will not write about in specific terms here.  Mainly because as a life rule, I leave work at work.  (and people get fired for blogging about work)  It more than pays the bills and I am very lucky to do something I am skilled at and enjoy.  However, I dedicate my life outside of work to doing everything else that makes me happy.

What makes you happy?
Snuggling with my husband. Spending time with my BFF (lil sis) and other awesome friends.  Naps.  Trying new recipes.  Breakfast on weekends.  My fluffy doggie. Kicking butt at Wii.   Picking stuff we grew from the garden.  Roasting hot dogs and smores over a fire.  Vacations.  Sunshine and warm breezes.  I'm simple.  I'm a nerd.

My Sasha as a baby! (photo by me)

Anything else?
If you want to know, just ask.  Srsly.  Email me at bambalam8 at gmail dot com.

* Short for tow-mater
** I think it was Hoda Kotb.  I'm not sure.