Thursday, August 26, 2010

Motorcycle class

Hi peeps! I wanted to tell you about my experience in motorcycle school so far. As y'all know, last weekend we bought a Vespa LX 150, which requires a motor cycle license to drive. Which I do not have. There are two ways to get one in the state of Maryland. You can take a written test then pass a driving test which includes things like swerving between cones, making two U-turns within a box, etc... Or you can take a Basic Riders Course through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. I chose motorcycle school. Mainly because I have not had a ton of experience driving scooters and am not that confident about my abilities to tear it up at the DMV.

Not me yet, hopefully me this weekend. source

I signed up for the class at a local community college. It's four days total, two days of classroom (which I've finished), and two days of "riding." The two days of classroom covered motorcycle laws, concepts and basics, like what all of the buttons and controls do and how to work them.

Just a hint, if you go to motorcycle school and tell everyone that your goal is to get a license so that you can legally drive your scooter, you will probably be made fun of. It was all good, everyone else was also just trying to get a license, so I took it in stride. --Oh, and I think there were a couple of die hard bikers who were court mandated to be in class for one reason or another.

At the end of the two classroom days, we were given the written test. This test was incredibly easy after being in class where we were basically told the answers. I got a 100%. Actually- i think most of the people at my table got a perfect score too.

This weekend is the last two days where we ride actual motorcycles and they take us through what we need to know to become licensed riders. They supply the bikes, we only have to bring a helmet, long pants, leather gloves, and sturdy boots. I'm nervous! Wish me luck...

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