Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Letter to myself at 16

This post was inspired by the book What I Know Now, and this Brad Paisley song.

P.S. How adorable is this stamp?

It's a nice concept. My husband often says he wish he could give his teenaged-self advice, mostly to tell himself to study more, put more effort into things and be more confident. When he says that, I think for myself, I wouldn't change anything. My experiences definitely shaped who I am today. But in general, for everyone who does a version of this, it seems to be about your past self's uncertainty with what the future holds.

Dear 16 year old Bam*,

Hiya! How are you? First I'd like to thank you for doing so well in school. It's your natural inclination to study and try to get good grades, but putting the effort in is going to prepare you for the bigger effort of the next four years of college and the massive effort of the eight plus of graduate school. Second, thank you for listening to dad and joining the swim team. Yay for exercise!

I know you are worrying about college, and since you're at a nerd school, everyone around you is trying to get into to a far-away, fancy-pants, private school. You'll get accepted, and instead you'll end up going to LSU, but it's for the better. Yay for full ride scholarships! While I'm at it, Double Yay for no student loans!!

Advice for now: Try not to be so shy, people mistake it for snobbery. Don't be so quick to dismiss Dad's idea to take a summer or semester abroad, it would've probably been awesome. Don’t worry about listening to your conscience, it will keep you out of trouble. And even though you move out, keep calling your sister, she will become your best friend. Ever.

Also, I know you think high school is alright but you're wondering about the best days of your life concept, but as Brad Paisley says, "Have no fear, These are nowhere near the best years of your life." I'm not sure about the rest of it, but so far it's been pretty rad. And we're pretty optimistic, so i have a feeling it just keeps getting better.


Almost grown-up Bam ♥

*Age chosen because it's half my age now, a landmark birthday for girls in the south (and spoiled rich girls on MTV), and was my senior year in high school.

What would your letter say?

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