Friday, June 18, 2010

It's a start.

So last week my hubby and I ran five days out of six. ~2.5 miles x's 5. (12.5 miles total) Unbeleivable. Lately, I say things like "It's sunny outside." or "I ran yesterday." as excuses not to run. But this week he was in a I-won't-take-your-excuse-unless-you-have-a-note-from-a-board-certified-specialist-saying-you-are-incapable-of-moving-your-legs mood. So I ran. I may have probably been in a bad mood averaging about 60% of the runs. But this week, I'm feeling good about running.

Jessica and Justin. Or us if we keep it up ;) Source.

Hubby gave me the ipod shuffle over a year ago as a present to use on my runs. I only recently started using it regularly. I just now figured out that if the buttons on the headset stop working, it's not your sweat that "shorted" it out, maybe the battery is low. Annoying when you can't FF or the volume is stuck on deafening. It would be nice if it had an alternate form of "low battery" indication.


Guess I'm still a fan. It is less bulky. Anyways... If running next week goes well, I think we're going to sign up for a race! I'll let you know.

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