Monday, July 12, 2010

Tubin'... tubin'.... tubin' down the river...

So this post is actually about what we did last weekend to stay cool. I'm sorry it's a week late, but it's hotter than a cat on a hot tin roof out and my brain cells are working at an appropriate Southern pace to accommodate the weather. And I just now found the cable to get pictures off of my camera. Anyhow, I highly recommend DIY tubing if you have the necessary ingredients.

  1. tubes & life jacket (state law)
  2. river
  3. friends
  4. at least two cars

We started off the morning waiting for our peeps to assemble. My hubby took our tubes (these are actually tire tubes from big truck tires) down to the gas station to fill them with air. Once everyone was assembled and the cars were packed, we drove about an hour and a half west to Harper's Ferry where we normally go tubing. We had a couple of pit stops along the way for coffee, breakfast and to re-secure the tubes stuffed into the back of the truck so they wouldn't fly all over I-70.

Operation Re-Secure Tubes

The only bad part about DIY tubing is that it takes some time to drop everyone off upriver, drive both cars down river to the end point, and then drive the remaining car back up to the drop-off point so that the drivers can participate. **Tip- leave the car with the food and beer drinks downriver. That way you can chow down right away and not have to wait until the food gets back to you.** The good part about DIY tubing is that there are no release forms and if you should float a cooler to down the river, you can pack it with whatever items you so desire. Drinking alcoholic beverages in the state parks of Maryland and West Virginia is illegal, but you might just fly by the seat of your pants if you are a DIY tuber. Speaking of flying by the seat of our pants, We also usually pick some fairly flattish rocks to stop on and sunbathe for a little bit along the way.

Can you spot the cooler? And yes, my husband is wearing a shirt, baseball cap, and his shoes.

Doesn't this look relaxing?

Then when you are done, carry your tube up the river bank to where the "down river" car is parked, open up the trunk and inhale anything resembling food as if it were your first and last meal.
Lil sis and I. All cooled down. And satiated.

Once adequately stuffed, send someone for the "upriver" car, reassemble and trek home. It is a nice little day trip, and a great way to enjoy nature while cooling off a little. Any DIY tubers out there?


  1. I LOVE a good river float! Sometimes on a weeknight a short river float can feel like you had an entire weekend!

  2. Ooh, I've never DIY'd, I've filled out the forms...but stuck the beer in the provided floating cooler :P