Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's hotter than a cat on a hot tin roof...


Enough with this heat! I've been having trouble making to the gym. It's a combination of my love of sleep and lack of motivation to get out there in this heat. You'd think I wouldn't mind the heat having grown up in Louisiana where the heat in the air sticks to you like a thick swampy blanket. However, I also believe that is why Southerners have perfected the art of rocking in the shade of a porch, sipping on sweet tea or even better, a mint julep.

Yesterday I sucked it up and went for a swim instead. I was on the swim team when I was little(r). I can say that it has been a good eight years since I have been in a pool with any regularity. It was a little intimidating since the other three swimmers in the pool at the time were obviously well trained in competitive swimming.

But you've got to start somewhere. So I started, lap one went well, then holy cow, swimming is hard! My arms felt like wet noodles after about 40 minutes. But it was nice to finish a workout, feel the burn so to speak, and not feel like a big sweaty mess. I'll try again today. What do you do for exercise in the heat?


  1. I love swimming, because from a motivational standpoint all you have to make yourself do is push off the wall. everything else you have to do to not drown! lol. I used to swim on a swim team in elementary school and middle school. My favorite was backstroke.

    Hope you cool down!

  2. @ Tova - so true, also for me i don't notice the time pass as much. Sometimes when i run, every minute feels like 5.