Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why my husband is the bees knees, pt.1

  1. He likes when I text him and call him dude. Recent example: "Dude. Still waiting for the effing bus." I was supposed to get home from work an hour earlier than him and waited for the bus for 45 minutes before it came. He texted back that he was leaving work five minutes after I got on the bus. Yeay for public transportation and trying to save the environment.
  2. He quotes The Zombie Survival Guide as if it were peer-reviewed, research driven scientific literature. As in we're watching a C minus zombie movie and one of the characters shoots the zombie in the chest, it keeps moving, but the head shot does them in and my husband explains. According to my husband, "Because the virus Solanum allows the brain to continue functioning without blood circulation from the heart. Shooting their chest doesn't do anything, you have to shoot their brain." HAHAHAHA he's a nerd too.
  3. He encourages my ridiculous sense of humor. Like my obsessively quoting my current most favorite scene from a movie. I am constantly asking "Guys, you ready to let the dogs out?" See below.

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