Friday, July 30, 2010

I got punked.

The other day my husband totally punked me and wasn't even trying to*. I got home from work and a couple of packages had been delivered to our house. This is a pretty common occurrence as both my husband and I are internet shopping freaks. I took the packages in and noticed they were both for hubby so I put them aside.

Hubs calls to let me know when he'll be coming home, so I let him know he got two packages.


"Ummmmmmm, okay, I won't." i say. My b-day is coming up so I'm guessing one or both are for my birthday.

So later he gets home and asks if I want to open one of my birthday presents. This makes me think they are both for me. I love presents! Who doesn't? My husband and I are really really really bad at waiting for actual birthdays before we give each other presents, btw. So yessssssssssss i want to open it.

I think for a second I looked like this:

I estatically rip into the package using keys, scissors, and a sharp kitchen knife to get through the offending cardboard box to the contents within. Shreds of packaging, paper, and plastic shipping bubbles start to float in the air. I finally get to the goods and what do I find?

A hunting rifle scope.

I am not a hunter. My husband is. He starts laughing maniacally. Gasping for air because he was laughing so hard, he pants "I didn't... know... that's... what... that was. I... really... thought it... was your present." Once he gets his ability to breath normally back, he asks if I want to open the other one and try again. Ummmmmmm, no. As much as I love presents, I don't want to get punked again. I'll wait until my bday.

* Edit: so I just talked to hubby and he says he totally meant to do it. He thought the scope I was opening was actually something ELSE that he had ordered. So yes, he is Dr. Evil.

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