Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Husband's Hissy-fit

This is more a story about how you can have one of those mornings where nothing seems to go your way. Do you every have one of those mornings?

Well, My husband had one yesterday.

Yesterday, my husband gets up in the morning to walk the dogs as per our usual routine (because you know how I am in the mornings) Our dog who actually has continence problems is visiting grandma for the week, so he thought he could make it a week without hosing down the garage*, right? WRONG. We had run out of dog food, so I had grabbed a small bag at the local pet store until we could grab an industrial sized bag of our usual stuff over the weekend.

Why is it that dogs can eat spoiled food and garbage and grass and cigarette butts, but you feed them one meal of a different dog food and they have an intestinal meltdown?

You get where I'm going with this.

Poor sick doggie.

So after hubby finishes hosing down the garage, he comes upstairs to try making a homemade frappucino with the new toy I got him for his b-day.

Truly, The Cafe Frappe machine works great and makes frappucinos that taste like the real thing! It's awesome, and if you like a morning cold coffee beverage, I highly recommend it. However, it turns out that if you put the lid on backwards, when it gets into blend mode, it will spray chocolatey icey coffee mix all over your clothes, kitchen counter, floor, wall, fruit bowl and curtains. It also turns out that if it is a little difficult to lock it in place, you probably have the lid on backwards. Expletives ensued. I threw the curtains in the wash and tried not to make it worse by enduring his foul mood in a tense silence while we made it to work. Thankfully, when our workday was done, I had my normal hubby back. Poor guy. Just one of those days I guess.

* We park our cars in the driveway. Our garage is actually our weight room, storage, doggie hangout room, and my hubby's workshop.

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  1. oohh glad to hear his day got better! I have definitely had those days!