Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Where did the summer go?

I ran across this post about how it can seem like you have no free time in the summer. This summer it is true. Don't get me wrong, I love summer. But right now, I feel like summer's half gone and I haven't done all the things I wanted to do (be lazy). I'm still at the beginning of my summer reading list, and It's almost August!

My weekends have been filled with short trips, occasional work, baby showers, BBQ's, and family meet-ups (double time now that we're married.) Longer days mean a push to get more projects, chores and errands done. As a result, the leftover free time hardly feels adequate enough to enjoy the usual summer pastimes like frozen drinks, poolside lounging and being lazy.

I know my husband feels the pressure too, because we have a cabin up in the mountains that we (by we I mean he) completely gutted and is rebuilding into our little private hideaway. His deadline is to have a bathroom installed by Labor Day. There is an outhouse now. Not kidding! Once it is done, we'll be able to hole up there, snuggle, enjoy cozy fires in the cooler months and cool off in the awesome nearby lake in the summer months. So he spends all of his extra time trekking up there to git 'er done.

Cabin above, Garden below

This weekend we don't have anything planned, so I'll catch up on the housekeeping and some work, Hubby's going to work on the cabin. I did look ahead on the calendar, and aside from a weekend trip for my birthday, we don't have much planned, so maybe I'll be able to ease out of summer and sneak in a lazy day or two. How's your summer been so far?

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